Technical Parameters
● It can process multiple samples simultaneously, supports rapid digestion of 81 samples at the same time
● It adopts three-dimensional surrounding heating and special heat preservation technology, the heat utilization efficiency make the digestion speed faster, and a lot of digestion time is saved
● Intelligent PID precisely controls the temperature, easily realizes multi-stage programmed temperature rise, and the uniformity of temperature among sample holes greatly ensures the consistency of sample digestion effect. The maximum temperature can reach 320℃
● It can hold various digestion tubes such as 10ml and 20ml
● The graphite digestion module has the structural design of zero electronic components, multi-seal anti-corrosion design,which can ensure the durability
● It adopts the split structure design of graphite digestion module and intelligent control terminal to ensure the safety of operation
● The intelligent control terminal adopts 7-inch high-definition color large-screen touch control display, and the electronic components are designed with multi-layer anticorrosion and sealing, which is artistic and durable
1)81 holes graphite digestion instrument host
2)7-inch color large-screen split intelligent control terminal (pre-installed software)
3)glass digestion tubes with cover (100 pieces/set)
4)45-position stainless steel bracket
5)Operating instructions
iGBlock-36 Graphite Digester
iGBlock-81 Graphite Digester(specific for Urine iodine, urine arsenic )
RMB Negotiable
RMB Negotiable
Product number:GB-81
iGBlock-81 Graphite Digester(specific for Urine iodine, urine arsenic )

iGBlock-81 Graphite Digester instrument is specially used for the determination of total iodine or arsenic in urine. It adopts embracing three-dimensional heating digestion to reduce heat loss and greatly improve the utilization efficiency of heat energy. Intelligent PID precise temperature control mode can realize multi-stage programmed temperature rise, and excellent temperature uniformity between holes can effectively ensure the parallelism  of batch sample digestion.

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