Technical Parameters
● Small Group Control: 4, 6, 12 or 16 gas channels are on independently.
● Each channel is equipped with a dial trim valve which allows fine tuning of gas flow so as to guarantee good parallelism. There is a main valve controlling all channels.
● Press only one button to adjust nozzle height manually and quickly anytime according to the sample liquid level.
● Input Pressure: 7-145psi; Output Pressure: 0-72.5psi.
● Clear Observation: front-end window with lighting helps observe the whole concentration process.
● Water bath is equipped with intelligent drainage port, making water change convenient and efficient.
● Controlled by PID technology, temperature accuracy: ±0.5 °C. Water bath preheating is available.
● Acceptable sample tube size & volumes: Ø <60mm, H32-200mm & V50-100ml.
● Classic disc-shaped structure with 360° rotating sample rack allows convenient operation. Specific mixed rack can be customized.
● 5" HD color touchscreen with real-time display of nitrogen pressure, water bath temperature and concentration time. Chinese and English are both supported.
● Manual Mode and Automatic Mode are optional. There will be an automatic alarm after the process is completed.
● Remote monitoring of concentration process is available in a mini program on Wechat, which also allows notification messages are received by users.
Sample racks and nitrogen nozzles are made of 316 stainless steel as well as water bath is coated with PTFE for anti-corrosion and durability.
1)MFV-36 Main System
2)16-pos sample rack
3)Dial Trim Valve
4)5.0” HD Control Terminal
5)Water Bath Module
6)Ø1.5mm nitrogen nozzle, 10pcs/pkg
7)Ø2.0mm nitrogen nozzle, 10pcs/pkg
8)100ml Pear Shaped Flasks
9)MFV-16 Control Software V1.0
10)Special Tool Kit
11)User Manual
Nitrogen Concentrator
MFV-16 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator(For Pear Shaped Flasks )
RMB Negotiable
RMB Negotiable
Product number:C08-16

Selects and Matches

Nitrogen Nozzle
RMB Negotiable
Model number:CU15125
Nitrogen Nozzle
RMB Negotiable
Model number:CU20125
Normal Trim Valve
RMB Negotiable
Model number:CUM504
Dial Trim Valve
RMB Negotiable
Model number:CUM504-I
Nitrogen pipe
RMB Negotiable
Model number:CUM125
50ml Pear Shaped Flasks
RMB Negotiable
Model number:C05060-P
100ml Pear Shaped Flasks
RMB Negotiable
Model number:C10060-P
MFV-16 Smart Nitrogen Concentrator(For Pear Shaped Flasks )

The MFV-16 is equipped with a special 16-position large-bore sample tube rack, which can be placed on pear shaped flasks and round bottom flasks for concentration. It has the advantages of group control, convenient nozzle adjustments and 5" HD color touchscreen to further improve the concentration efficiency of batch samples.

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