Technical Parameters
● Power: 220V±10%, 50Hz±5%, 3500W
● Temperature Range: room temperature~370℃.
● Heating Area: 620×420mm
● Coating material on heating surface: ceramic coating.
● Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃
● Dual PID technology: built-in temperature calibration function & real-time display of heating temperature curve.
● Durability Design: both heating plate and control terminal are coated with Teflon and adopts multilayer anti-corrosive seal design.
● Satisfying Parallelism: unique dual coil of wire adopted in heating plate effectively solves temperature difference.
● No exposed electrical components. Heating platform and control terminal are separated for safe and convenient operation.
● 7" HD colour touchscreen applies corrosion resistant glass for optimal operation experience.
● Real-time dual temperature curve is displayed in control interface. Multiple sets of heating parameters can be saved and applied anytime.
● Access to real-time parameters through remote monitoring on DTLabs. Notification messages will be received as soon as heating process finishes.
1)iGHP-37C Graphite Heating Plate (L620×W420mm)
2)7” HD Control Terminal
3)iGHP-37C Control Software V1.0
4)User Manual
iGHP Graphite Heating Plate
iGHP-37C Intelligent Graphite Heating Plate
RMB Negotiable
RMB Negotiable
Product number:HP-37C

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iGHP-37C Intelligent Graphite Heating Plate

iGHP, designed for chemical analysis, is more intelligent and efficient than other same models found on the market. With dual PID technology, special design of heating structure guarantees surface temperature uniformity and stability. Due to corrosion resistance design, iGHP is of great help for laboratory pre-treatment, such as wet digestion, heating and acid-driving. As a kind of tool commonly used in wet digestion, iGHP provides users with optimal experiences of “one-button digestion”, which makes tedious process more intelligent and efficient.

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