Technical Parameters
● Overall Dimension (mm): W338×L145×H208
● Glass Vacuum Tank (mm): W268×L100×H150
● Weight: ≈2kg
● Optional Positions: 24.
● Matching test tube rack (mm): Φ11, Φ13 or Φ15; L≤105。Test tube rack in specific sizes can be customized.
● Anti-corrosive sample rack is suitable for test tubes in multiple sizes.
● Pressure resistance is better than 80Kpa due to the vacuum cavity made of anti-fogging thick glass.
● Accurate Pressure: Anti-corrosive cover of vacuum tank is equipped with pressure gauge and regulating valve.
● No Cross Contamination: an integrated diversion tube is properly equipped and each channel owns an independent switch.
● Special waste tank helps maintain laboratory environment.
● Flexible Operation: whether only one or a batch of samples can be easily dealt with.
1)24-pos Extraction Column Tray
2)Glass Cylinder Module
3)Plate Rack (Ø11mm, Ø13mm and Ø15mm)
4)Universal Support Plate
5)Test Tube Rack
6)Ω-shaped Flat Steel Pipe Clamp
7)Glass Cylinder Tray
8)Silicone Hose (L60cm; D5mm, 2 pcs)
9)Test Tubes (Ø11mm, Ø13mm, Ø15mm, 24 pcs each)
10)User Manual
Solid Phase Extraction Device
QSE-24 Solid Phase Extraction Device
RMB Negotiable
RMB Negotiable
Product number:QSE-24

Selects and Matches

Vacuum Pump
RMB Negotiable
Model number:DP-25
3ml Test Tube
RMB Negotiable
Model number:C1003075
5ml Test Tube
RMB Negotiable
Model number:C1205075
8ml Test Tube
RMB Negotiable
Model number:C1308100
10ml Test Tube
RMB Negotiable
Model number:C1610100
QSE-24 Solid Phase Extraction Device

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a popular sample pretreatment technique, which can be used for different purposes in sample preparation, such as cleanup, analyte concentration, and analyte derivatization. Based on the principle of Like Dissolves Like, QSE is mainly applied to process liquid samples whose volatile and semi-volatile compounds will be enriched and purified during the process. With delicate design, QSE Series guarantees sample recovery and convenient operation.

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