Intelligent and efficient mixture and concentration package, 3 year quality guarantee

MFV Smart Nitrogen Concentrator+MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers
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Detelogy’s intelligent sample preparation solutions for soil detection

We will not afraid of huge sample , Detelogy launched the " sample pretreatment solution of soil detection", which aims to provide comprehensive and newest technologies and methods to units and users who carry out censuses, help soil detection, and relieve the workload of the detector in the "third national soil general survey" .
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The review of live show| Focus on how to choose the nitrogen concentrator, Detelogy Instruments can free your hand.

Detelogy Instruments' first live show in 2022 ended perfectly!This live show not only gives us pertinent suggestions on "how to choose a nitrogen concentrator ",but also displays everyone the real products intuitively.We demonstrated essential laboratory instruments - intelligent nitrogen concentrator.Let’s relive the live show and the wonderful moments.
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Product Online Guide - How to choose a Nitrogen Concentrator

Detelogy Instruments' first live show in 2022,we moved our debut on April 27th to April 13th!Just because we are so eager to share with you more efficient and intelligent laboratory instruments!
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Looking forward to the New Year’s Eve,we invite you to open Detelogy's memorabilia.

the one with all the resolutions,Detelogy wishes you all the best!
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