NEW! Batch Processing of Samples in Pear-shaped Flasks at One Time

To break the limitation of common tube rack and to improve the evaporation efficiency of batch samples, MFV-16 is a customized solution for pear-shaped flask which we’ll recommend to you.
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Hang the Probes, Start Homogenizing the Samples

Mechanical shearing is a common step in sample preparation. It circularly loops the samples into a narrow space with high speed and relative motion of inner rotor to shear and break them.
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3-NO Assists with Nitrogen Evaporation

In the preparation of environmental sample, it is common to process large volume samples with quantitative evaporation. Compared with traditional method on rotary evaporator and small nitrogen evaporator, high-throughput nitrogen parallel evaporator allows sample in test tube stem to reach target endpoint with precise liquid-level?sensor, which makes multiple samples easily processed in one step, so as to greatly reduces manual intervention and further improves process efficiency.
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Sample Shaking And Mixing, So Easy with MultiVortex

As a common-used laboratory equipment for sample preparation, vortex mixer achieves complete mixing through circular oscillation, widely used in physical, chemical, and microbiological testing laboratories.
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New Listing! iQSE-06 Quick Solvent Extraction System

Compared with Soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic extraction and other common extraction equipment, iQSE-06 ensures good parallelism while reducing solvent consumption. Rapidly extracting 6 (semi-)solid samples simultaneously under high temperature and high pressure, iQSE-06 greatly shortens processing time which makes the whole sample preparation process more efficient.
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