Application of Detelogy in preparation of Pesticide Residue Detection in Vegetables and Fruits

Pesticide residue is a general term for trace pesticide protozoa, toxic metabolites, degradation products and impurities that remain in organisms, harvests, soil, water and the atmosphere after a period of pesticide use.

Some pesticides applied to crops decompose quickly and lose their toxicity, while others are stable and difficult to decompose, and the residues are finally transmitted to people and livestock through the environment and food chain. The pesticide residues in human body are slow in metabolism, long in accumulation time, and extremely harmful to human beings and organisms. In view of this situation, the state strictly manages the application of pesticides, and stipulates the allowable amount of pesticide residues in food.

This scheme refers to the preparation method of QuEChERS in GB 23200.113-2018, and is suitable for the detection of pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits and edible fungi.


For the samples with dark color, adding 885 mg magnesium sulfate, 150 mg PSA and 15 mgGCB into a 15 mL plastic centrifuge tube will have a better effect of removing pigment.

When dealing with unstable items such as omethoate, methamidophos and acephate, we should pay attention to control the degree of nitrogen blowing, which will lead to low recovery rate.

The Detelogy preparation intelligent equipment

*  High throughput, compatible with various specifications of sample tubes.

* Three-dimensional oscillation technology, high kinetic energy impact and friction, complete the homogeneous extraction.

* Intelligent security protection to provide safe experimental conditions.

* 7-inch intelligent control terminal, real-time display of running speed and time,it can start and stop at any time.

*Strong compatibility, which can accommodate sample tubes of various specifications.

*the machine is compact, with low center of gravity design of the main engine, and low running noise.

* Adjustable speed, circular vortex oscillation, supporting six-section continuous variable speed.

* Intelligent terminal control, real-time display of speed and running time, it can start and stop at any time.

*High-throughput, strong compatibility, it supports for simultaneous concentration of 64-bit samples.

* The nozzle-following mode, water bath window with lighting function, equipped with intelligent quick plug-in drain.

* Flexible combination of nitrogen blowing channels, multi-channel gas supply to ensure parallelism.

* Intelligent terminal, with nitrogen blowing time delay and time delay pressure function.

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