Detelogy’s intelligent sample preparation solutions for soil detection

After 40 years,the national soil general survey has been launched again! Compared with the last two soil general surveys, the third national soil general survey has a larger detection range, more content, and denser sample distribution, which also means that detectors’ tasks are more difficult.

Face the huge and complex "third national soil general survey", how can we improve the detection efficiency?

We will not afraid of huge sample , Detelogy launched the " sample pretreatment solution of soil detection", which aims to provide comprehensive and newest technologies and methods to units and users who carry out censuses, help soil detection, and relieve the workload of the detector in the "third national soil general survey" .

Detelogy’s intelligent sample preparation solutions for soil detection

MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers  MFV Smart Nitrogen Concentrator will help you in the vortex extraction of agricultural soil samples.

If you have many samples to test and do not want to adjust manually, the FV64 automatic intelligent nitrogen concentrator can easily achieve this goal for you.

There is also a FV64UP automatic dual-mode nitrogen concentrator that integrates vortex nitrogen concentrating mode and needle following mode to adopt the operating habits of different experimenters.

For the determination of SVOCs in soil, Detelogy has carefully launched a helpful partner: iQSE-06 Quick solvent extraction system  FlexiVap automatic intelligent parallel concentrator.

Besides,Detelogy also provides inorganic intelligent pre-processing equipment.

Instrument produced by Detelogy is a boutiqueOnly want to give you more choices.

About Detelogy

Detelogy was founded in 2011, situated in Guangzhou, China, integrates R&D, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to more intelligent and more efficient laboratory solutions.The main products include intelligent sample pretreatment equipment,laboratory automatic intelligent platform equipment, etc. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and after-sales maintenance services, and has established strict quality control and perfect customer service system.

We commit ourselves to practicing artificial intelligence in the field of laboratory testing.Enhance user experience to solve the needs of laboratory customers.We have provided high-quality intelligent laboratory products and a full range of services for many users around the world.

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